You think you have been to Kenya? I would bet – not really! Kenya is and has always been about Dynamism, Exploration and Adventure. Yes you are probably right but wait a moment – if Kenya to you is Amboseli, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, the Tsavo and the beaches of Malindi and Mombasa then you are a little off mark. It is without doubt that these places are great but another Kenyan gem lays un-experienced by the discerning traveler. It offers privacy, discovery and abundant adventure.

What is the name of this place?                                                                             

Laikipia is probably the only place in the world that can rival Masai Mara in terms game watching.

What attracts world renowned personalities like Prince William in Laikipia? The Prince William even engaged his fiancée in this area and has made Lewa Conservancy his annual retreat. The world’s fastest Man – Usain Bolt was at Segera Ranch and had his day when the bull elephant came close to their truck. What is it in these uninhabited arid lands?


It is exclusive in nature and the outstanding quality of lodges and camps offer even more serene beauty. Laikipia offers an extraordinary ecosystem with massive wildlife populations, and even more a home to endangered wildlife species in Kenya. Laikipia is without doubt one of Kenya’s premier safari destination.


Branded as Kenya’s high country, Laikipia’s vast plains extend from the slopes of Mount Kenya to the edge of the Great Rift Valley and the edge of Kenya’s northern rangelands. Forming part of the 50,000km² Ewaso ecosystem, Laikipia is greater than all of Kenya’s game reserves and national parks except Tsavo.


Laikipia Private Community and Group Ranches








Ol malo


Sweet Waters


Ol Pejeta


El Karama






Ol Ari Ngiro


Il Ngwesi







Laikipia is wild, diverse and scenically an impressive landscape offering visitors seclusion, independence and space. The ecosystem supports a great variety and numbers of wild animals. Wildlife densities in the Laikipia and Ewaso region rank second to the internationally renowned Masai Mara ecosystem.

The district also provides a safe refuge for the endangered Grevy’s zebra (70% of the world’s population), reticulated giraffe, and the only viable group of Lelwel hartebeest in the country, as well as Africa’s only expanding population of wild dog – now the world’s 4th largest.

Laikipia’s biodiversity is globally distinctive, and it is wholly sustained by the Laikipia community, constituting of local community initiatives, private ranches, small scale farmers, cooperatives and tourism ventures.

Many things distinguish Laikipia from the rest of Kenya, but perhaps the most noteworthy is how people from diverse cultural backgrounds have joined hands to support conservation.