Samburu National Reserve lies 325 kilometers north of Nairobi in the scorching and arid fringes of the arid northern region of Kenya. Straddling the muddy Ewaso Nyiro River, Samburu is probably one of the most picturesque parks of northern Kenya. It lies in the location of the semi-nomadic Samburu tribe, a place of thorn bush open plains and vast horizons that provide safari visitors a taste of the romance of a typical African desert in Kenya. Its terrain, wildlife and vegetation are quite diverse to the lush rolling grasslands of other parks. Samburu National Reserve is a spot for leopard, lion, elephant and crocodile.

Samburu is renowned for its all year round game viewing due to its proximity to the shaded banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River. It is relatively undiscovered and as this kind of might be a unique travel safari experience. As mentioned prior to some of one of probably the most unique animals could be found in this Kenyan region. Rarities including the reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk, and Beisa Oryx all make their residence in the region.

All these animals are worth seeing and cannot be seen in other areas of Africa or Kenya. Making this region part of your safari can really add excitement to your holiday. It is feasible to also find leopards in the rocky hillside of the area. One of the other attractions that cannot be missed is the sight of elephants bathing in the Ewaso Nyiro River. There are usually huge batches of elephants to be seen here.
The landscape of Samburu is amazingly severe and scenic for such a small location due to the richness of various land characteristics. The diversity and elegance of the landscape is

certainly one of the things that set apart the area from other parts of Kenya.
You’ll be able to expect to see not just the river but deep gorges and waterfalls. You are able to find lots of hills and plains as well as some water springs to get enjoyment from. There are also large and small swamps that entice a plethora of diverse wildlife.
The smallness of Samburu only relates to the physical size of this Kenyan retreat. The richness of wildlife and landscape are in no way small and can provide vistas of landscape beauty as well as the beauty of wild life living in their natural habitat. A safari in this region is an Africa safari you wouldn’t soon forget. The rare animals and the sheer beauty of the land bolstered by the year round comfort are what attract safari travelers to this varied and special African wildlife refuge. A Samburu safari is definitely a unique experience.